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Spending time outdoors is one of the greatest gifts! No one knows the truth in this statement quite like those who love to fish. Whether you live for countless days and nights on the water to make memories with friends and family or long for those moments of solitude, likened to a spiritual experience; we have a few tips and tricks to help ensure your next fishing trip to Lake Eufaula is a memorable one!

As the largest lake in Oklahoma, with over 800 miles of shoreline and 102,200 surface acres, Lake Eufaula provides plenty of opportunities to cast your line. When conditions are favorable, whether you’re looking to catch catfish, crappie, hybrid striper, striped bass, sand bass, large/small mouth bass and more, your perfect “Gentle Giant” fishing spot is just waiting to be discovered.

Catch: Crappie

Lake Eufaula boasts some of the best crappie fishing in the world! Crappie can be caught around bridge piers, brush piles around docks, and bridge rip-rap (the rock material that protects the structure from erosion). You can also find this fish swimmimg around Porum Landing and Crowder Point. It is a local fish fry favorite, so be sure to catch enough to share with friends!

Catch: Bass

A variety of bass, including sand bass, white bass and large/small mouth bass can be found in Lake Eufaula. When the water is high, Duchess Creek near Porum Landing is the ideal spot to catch bass. The fish like to shallow in the willows, or in non-angler talk, rest in the plants that grow on the edge of the water. Tread lightly, as these guys are light sleepers.

Catch: Catfish

This dining favorite, known as Ol’ Whiskers by Okies, can be best caught in the summer, and locals who love this fish suggest trying the South Canadian arm of the lake and Gaines Creek to catch them. Keep an eye out for mythical “Big Ones” of catfish legend, as some lucky anglers have caught catfish up to 80lbs within these waters.

Tips from the pros:

  • Keep your bait wet, as it’s hard to catch a fish with your bait out of the water.
  • Tailor your bait to your catch.
  • Stay as quiet as possible.
  • Enjoy yourself! Whether you catch the “Big Fish” or come home empty-handed, it’s all about the experience of being on the lake.

Other Eufaula fishing options to hook you:

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