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Finding Oklahoma Land for Sale 


Before you buy land in Oklahoma, check out this list of tips from the P&P Land Team. We're sharing a list of important questions every Oklahoma land buyer should be aware of.

Owning land is the new luxury for many homeowners. And buying land as an investment can be an excellent option. Whether you want to use the land yourself or resell, land is a good investment because it is a finite resource.

Unlike other real estate investments, land is typically less expensive to maintain as you don’t have to worry about repairs like replacing a roof, furnace or a leaky hot water heater.  Land can be a great option for investors approaching retirement since it is an asset with little maintenance and significant tax benefits. 

First, when looking for Oklahoma land for sale you need to determine the goal of your investment.

Should You Buy Raw or Developed Land?

When considering buying land, you will want to decide whether you want to purchase raw land or developed land. Raw land is property that has not been cultivated. There are no land improvements made to the site such as paths, clearings, or fences. Developed land has improvements such as sewers, roadways, or utilities.

Raw land is almost always less expensive than developed land. Developed land includes improvements made by the prior owner which need to be accounted for in the price. You need to decide if you prefer to make the improvements yourself and save the money upfront, or if you want to buy a developed parcel.

Buying land that has already been developed can make it easier since the prior owner likely handled zoning, accessing sewer, roadways, etc. which can be expensive and at times a hassle. However, if the land has already been developed for a certain purpose, it may be difficult to convert it to your desired usage. For example, if you buy a piece of farmland it would be difficult to convert it to a hunting area. If you want to develop the land yourself you will want to account for costs including fees, permits, building, utilities, and other considerations when evaluating the track of land.

What should you consider and watch out for when looking at Oklahoma land for sale?

Due diligence is the top priority in sizing up any property including land. Getting electricity, water and septic services to certain remote plots can be quite a challenge and if you are not aware of information prior to purchase it could be a costly mistake. There is tremendous benefit to working with an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) to avoid common pitfalls that can lead to unexpected expenses.  

Prior to purchasing a piece of land, it’s important to have a complete review of the topography, soil and drainage just to name a few. If any of these reports are not available it is strongly recommended that you order these reports to have a clear picture of the property. As a property owner, you should be aware of any conditions of the property. For example, if the property has easement that means others may be allowed to pass through your land.

If you plan to utilize land for personal use, you will want to consider available amenities such as access to water for fishing or boating or pastures for farming, camping, or horseback riding. 

Common questions you should know about Oklahoma land for sale.

Before making a land purchase, make sure you have the answers to these important questions:

If you can’t answer these questions, consider contacting an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC). ALCs are land professionals who are the most accomplished, most experienced, highest-performing land experts. Becoming an ALC requires successful completion of a rigorous education program, a proven track record of transaction performance, and a commitment to professional growth. Porches & Pastures Real Estate is proud to have an ALC on our team to help walk you through your land purchase. Contact Eric Fine to walk you through all aspects of purchasing land. 

Why buy land in Oklahoma?

There’s nothing quite like an Oklahoma sunset over a beautiful stretch of land! If you’re ready to start your land search, check out these available land listings or contact our team for more information. 

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