Best Hiking Trails Around Lake Eufaula


There is so much to do around Lake Eufaula, it’s difficult to focus on any one activity. If hiking is your thing, then check out the list we pulled together with our recommendations for the best trails to explore.

There is so much to do around Lake Eufaula, it’s difficult to focus on any one activity. If hiking is your thing, then check out the list we pulled together with our recommendations for the best trails to explore. Whether you’re looking for a simple and easy nature hike or something to get the blood pumping a bit, we’ve assembled a list of some of our favorite hikes in the area.

Hiking Trails in Arrowhead State Park 

Arrowhead State Park is a 2,200 acre park on a peninsula of Eufaula Lake. There are two different hiking trails here that vary in length and difficulty.

This short trail is a great one for hikers of all skills. It takes about 45 minutes to complete, and is located just south of the park office. Check out the beautiful wildflowers, and keep your eyes open for deer, rabbits, and wild turkeys!

Looking for something a little more challenging to raise the heart rate? The Arrowhead Hiking Trail runs through more hilly areas, so it’s only suggested if you are a more advanced hiker as the hike is a bit more strenuous.

Hiking Trails in Lake Eufaula State Park

Lake Eufaula State Park and its surrounding wilderness are great areas to explore with a lot of opportunities for adventure.  The park covers 2,800+ acres and is surrounded on three sides by Lake Eufaula with its 800+ miles of shoreline. While you are sure to find tons to keep you busy, here are some of our favorite trails to get you started.

Walk this fun and easy trail to check out the wildflowers and look for signs of local wildlife. This fully paved trail is also ADA-compliant, and it includes both shady secluded areas and expansive meadows. It’s a great hike for a little taste of everything.

The Chinkapin Trail is great for beginners and families with small kids. Open year-round, the trail begins at a small covered trailhead stand and winds its way through dense forests with occasional clearings. This trail is perfect for hiking, biking, birding, and checking out local wildlife such as deer and wild pigs!

Named for the many dogwood trees that grow in the area, this easy-to-walk hiking trail winds through the forest. While this trail is popular with hikers and bikers, it still offers peace and solitude during quieter times of the day.

Hiking this trail in spring? Check out the grove of dogwood trees that are fully in bloom!

This trail creates a shortcut between two parts of a loop of the Chinkapin Trail. Throughout the forest, you can expect a flat track as well as a large clearing with a mix of open grassland and shaded areas. This is another great area to look for wild pigs!

The trail begins at the nature center, then runs southeast where it takes you to the beach area and joins up with the Crazy Snake Trail for the rest of the way. We love this trail for hiking, biking and birding!

Hiking Trails in Nearby Robbers Cave State Park

One of our favorite day trip recommendations is to head to nearby Robbers Cave State Park in Wilburton, OK. Located about an hour from Lake Eufaula and tucked away in the San Bois mountains, this park is a former hideout for two of the nation’s most famous outlaws–Jesse James and Belle Starr! It’s also a haven for outdoor activities. While the park offers swimming, boating, fishing, and rock climbing, it also has nearly 25 miles of hiking trails to explore. Here is a list of some of our favorites:

This trail is immensely popular as it leads to Robbers Cave which is the hideout site of the infamous outlaws. It’s a more moderate hike that’s popular for hiking, biking, camping, and birding. 

This is another popular trail for birding, camping, and fishing, but it’s a tougher route. Trying to get some tough cardio in for the day? Plan on around 3 ½ hours for this hike if you are up for the challenge.

We love this rough and rocky loop that runs around Robbers Cave State Park because of its amazing views from the top of Buzzards Roost above the lake (which is a challenging but short hike.) Added bonus: there is great waterflow and waterfalls along the creek after it rains. 

This is a great day hike to visit the popular cave, or a nice place to camp overnight at the ponds.

Another loop trail that offers really interesting views of rock formations as well as a scenic bluff overlook. We love this hike, though visitors should be aware that it’s very rocky and can be an ankle-twister if you aren’t prepared!!

Another favorite trek, this trail also has some beautiful trees, streams, rock formations, and is well-marked for easy navigation. Open year round, this hike is particularly nice in the fall.

Check out Lake Eufaula State Park’s Facebook page for more info on events like the free guided “First Day Hike” that is held annually.
Did we miss one of your favorite trails in the area in our lists? Let us know!

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