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When our marketing team suggested I write a post sharing about our first year in business, I pushed back! Wouldn’t that be too self-serving and does anyone really care? But, I soon changed my tune when I remembered that our success is your success and deserves to be celebrated!!!


Porches & Pastures celebrated its one-year anniversary just a few weeks ago and I know it sounds so cliché to say that time flies when you’re having fun, but it’s so true!!! So, I’m using this final 2018 issue of “Porch Talk” to take a look back at a few of the lessons, victories and insights from our first year in business! Think of it as a “Year in Review,” if you will!


Out of a deep desire to experience life in a more balanced and authentic way, the dream to start our own business began to grow. So, from a late night chat session with a friend in our living room, Eric and I began to type out our goals and dreams into a google doc. Step by step we set goals and action items to make our dream a reality. In those early days, it was tough to know what the next steps were, so we just kept putting one foot in front of the other to keep things moving forward. The momentum is so important early on in starting a business!

The fear and uncertainty that comes when you decide to walk a different, less comfortable path, is something fierce!!! We had moments of doubt and panic about the unknown, but continued to press on, asking God to give us courage and lead us in the right direction. Fear is a sneaky little monster, but I can tell you one of the biggest lessons I learned on this journey is that all you really have to do is acknowledge “him” and sternly put him in his place when he tries to come out and wreak havoc on a new plan! Fear can hold us back and prevent us from ever seeing the blessings that exist on the other side. Pushing through all of the emotions that come with traveling outside of your comfort zone has been a key to our success.

Any of you who have ever started a small business know that the details of launching can be both overwhelming and exhilarating! Our branding and marketing plan came together beautifully and so accurately portrayed the identity of the business we intended to create. Eric and I were like kids on Christmas morning when our first social media post went out announcing the opening of Porches & Pastures Real Estate!


What followed the announcement was an outpouring of love and support from clients, friends, family and our community. And speaking of our community, we have always dreamt of being able to make a difference and we quickly realized the impact our business could have if we chose to focus on doing good. So, it seemed like a no-brainer to start the “Porches for Pups” initiative to shine a light on the epidemic that exists around the lake of the abandoned, homeless dog population. The plan was to start out slow and steady so that we didn’t find ourselves in a situation of over promising and under delivering, but what has happened has been beyond our wildest dreams. To start, we partnered with several local retailers and restuarants to provide coin jars to collect loose change and the community was so generous!


Next, we teamed up with several local businesses to create the First Annual BARKtoberfest, a fun community event that would further awareness of the needs of our 4-legged, furry friends as well as bring neighbors together to have fun! The event was a hit with food trucks, pet-related pop-up shops, photos, pet charicatures, pet adoptions, live music and so much more. We’re already scheming about how to make the event even bigger next year!


Our team is growing quickly and we’re already feeling like we’re outgrowing our current space. We have so many exciting things in the works for next year and can hardly wait to tell you about them.


With 11 years under our belts in real estate, we simply weren’t sure what to expect for our very first year in business, but we are so excited to share with you that 2018 was a banner year for Porches & Pastures! We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to help you buy and sell property and also for telling your friends and family about us! Your referrals are a critical part to our business and we are so grateful. Thank you for every comment, like and share on our social media posts. Your support means the world to us.

Merry Christmas from P&P!